The thousand flowers of the Charterhouse

October opens with sweet news from the Charterhouse: our honey is eventually ready!

It is a wildflower honey, produced in the respect of the environment and of the natural rhythms of the bees. Our beehives are placed in the Charterhouse’s wood, and it is from the particular mix of the flowers growing here, and here only, that this honey is made. A honey that gathers the essence of a place that our association is committed to preserve and treasure, not only from the historical/architectural point of view, but also from the biodiversity one.

Our bees forage between our orchard, wood and meadows. A diversity of environments where they can find the mildness of the linden and of the black locust, the boldness of the chestnut, the slight bitterness of the wild cherry tree, the aromatic fragrance of lavender, rosemary, mint and lemon balm and the fruity one of the apple tree, pear tree, plum tree and apricot tree flowers.

Our honey is filtered and bottled without any thermic pasteurization processing, and is one of the Semina products, the food brand by Gruppo Abele. If you want to taste it, you can find it in our shop or at Fabbrica delle E in Turin!

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