Certosa1515 is an ideal resting place during a trip. Close to the Avigliana Lakes, at the entrance of the Susa Valley, the Charterhouse lies on the road that leads to the Sacra of Saint Michael and along the Via Francigena, the ancient pilgrim route running from France to Rome, designated as a major cultural route by the Council of Europe.

  • The Saint Francis path, built to visit the surroundings of the Charterhouse, touches the most historically and environmentally interesting sites of the Mount of the Wood (Mount Ciabergia) and offers a close connection between nature and spirit, evoked by the ancient presence of the monks.
  • The Holy Route, an itinerary designed and built in the ‘80s, is a ring unfolding along the slopes of Mount Ciabergia, Mount Castiglione and Mount Ancoccia, whose extraordinary biodiversity can be appreciated along the way.
  • The Road of the Princes, called so since it was used in 1826 to transfer the corpses of 22 Savoy princes, following and widening the ancient pilgrimage route.
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