Tino Aime for Certosa1515

Tino Aime, renowned Piedmontese artist, dedicated the wonderful images here reproduced to Certosa1515. They are little masterpieces transferring the fall and winter atmosphere of the old Convent of Saint Francis on paper. 

Aime_Il Pettirosso e La CertosaAime_La Certosa e Il Pettirosso

These two first engravings were accompanied in 2015 by the four made by the artist on the occasion of his anthological exhibition “I wanted to be a painter”,  hosted in the old convent to celebrate its 500th anniversary.

Aime_Neve alla Certosa

Aime_Inverno alla CertosaTino Aime thus wants to contribute to support the Certosa1515 project, whose aim is to promote the culture of human rights, social justice, environmental respect and enhancement.

Aime_Gita alla Certosa

Aime_Il caco della Certosa

The prints of these engravings are available at the Chartherhouse. For any further information, please write to info@certosa1515.org or call +39 011 9313638.



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