The voice that breaks silence

To be an artist two requirements are needed: a look prone to wonder and a heart open to restlessness. Luciano has such look and such heart.

Luigi Ciotti 

On the 7th April 2008, in the Mexican region of Oaxaca, two journalists aged 21 and 24 are killed in an ambush. Felicitas Martìnez Sanchez and Teresa Bautista Merino hosted La voz que rompe el silencio, a radio programme in triqui telling the experience of the community of natives from the autonomous municipality of San Juan Copala. The mural by Luciano Valentinotti, made in 2009, depicts the power of life, of the hope that does not surrender to violence and injustice, and keeps believing that man can be brother to man, even in tragedy. The tale thus becomes the epic not only of this community, but also of all those human beings fighting against abuses, the voice that breaks the silence of all those violence wants to shut up.

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