Our 2015

The year that has just passed was a special one for Certosa1515: 2015 marked 500 years since the foundation of this place meant for resting and thinking that has been able to change without losing its identity and memory.

To celebrate this anniversary we partnered with an artist who has elected the mountains of the Susa Valley as his home and constant source of inspiration. An artist who is, first of all, a great friend of Certosa1515. Thanks to Tino Aime we realized something we had never done before and that has filled us with joy and satisfaction: “Volevo fare il pittore”, an anthological exhibit dedicated to the over 60 years of this master’s career, including more than 100 among engravings, paintings and sculptures, which have populated the Charterhouse for two months, turning it into a work of art.

A dive into a suspended past, without ever losing sight of the future and the chance to change it: in 2015  many were the young people who came here for training, guidance, sharing of ideas and projects. In July we hosted Abacà, a summer school dedicated to social innovation and cooperative business, followed in autumn by Cinque giorni per, a school camp thought by youth for youth, focusing on immigration and new addictions. In november, it was the turn of Futuro Prossimo, a vocational guidance format on creative jobs targeted at high school graduating students, in partnership with Codice Cultura and Fondazione Fitzcarraldo and with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo.

Coming to training, Gruppo Abele’s Street University seminars continued with two events focused on reparative justice and pain processing, while for the third year now the School of Educational Narration has dedicated its summer week to the different forms of storytelling and self-narration.

2015 was also the year of our first team building sessions on nature and cooking, thanks to the collaboration with our friends from Bike Track and the guides of the Natural Park of the Avigliana Lakes. During the year, various companies and organizations chose Certosa1515 as a place for resting and thinking on the occasion of their meetings and training sessions. Similarly, many groups and associations focused here on inner reflection and spirituality.

2015 ended in style with “Pinocchio in Certosa”, the exhibit dedicated to the latest masterpiece by Tallone Publisher, an excellence of our area that for generations has been passing down the craft of book with passion and care.

Many were the occasions for celebration and conviviality, also thanks to the opening of our restaurant: a good, clean and fair way to promote our values through food, as well. Another good (or, better, sweet) thing in 2015 was the launch of our honey production, made in the respect of the environment and of the natural rhythms of the bees.

To sum up, there are many reasons for us to rejoice, as well as many challenges to face from here to the next 500 years.  Our thanks goes to all the people who have made this project possible and lively, to all those who have chosen and supported us, to those who have dedicated their time, passion and energy to the Charterhouse. May 2016 be a fruitful year, full of #sostaepensiero, for you all.


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