At Certosa1515 we try to place a value on things which probably sound a little bit old-fashioned.

Simplicity, which we pursue in what we offer, from food to training, from hospitality to the exploration of nature.

Silence, to get away from the din of the cities we live in.

Listening, building an ambience where people can feel free to express themselves without conditioning.

Patience, not meant as a resigned attitude, but rather as the awareness that to achieve results one has to insist with determination and keep going, without giving up.

Time: in an age where it seems necessary to be constantly up to date and ready to intervene, we rather need to acknowledge that it actually takes time to understand, debate, dialogue.

Responsibility: coming to the Charterhouse surely helps to take a break from the often insane rhythms we are forced to, but it must not turn into an escape from everything and everyone. It must rather be an occasion to recharge one’s batteries, and then come back home feeling more responsible towards the others and the community.

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