The Charterhouse is open to whoever is looking for a place “to rest and think”, exploring the most diverse issues. However, there are some themes that we are particularly keen on and on which we often organize initiatives. They are linked to the history of Gruppo Abele and Libera, the two associations founded by our president Luigi Ciotti that have been always committed on taking sides with the excluded and marginalized and on fighting mafias, respectively. Such themes all share the focus on the person, with his/her rights and aspirations.

They thus range from the need for inner reflection to the wish for socialization, from the yearning for justice to the respect of the environment, from the passion for culture to the search for a tourism in harmony with nature and the community:

In the picture above, a detail of the work by the artist Tino Aime, titled “Welding earth with heavens”, namely Certosa1515’s mission, to which it is dedicated. The work can be admired in the garden of the Charterhouse. 

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