“Volevo fare il pittore”

“I wanted to be a painter” – Tino Aime anthological exhibition for the 500th anniversary of the Charterhouse

To celebrate our first 500 years we are proud and glad to have hosted an anthological exhibition of the works by Tino Aime, an internationally renowned Piedmontese artist with a special relationship with the Charterhouse. Several works of his enrich the complex that he also depicted in some engravings, four of which expressly made for the occasion.

This friendship led to the idea of a diffused exhibition that invaded the entire complex – the shop, the cloister, the garden, the auditorium – from May, 22 to July, 19, 2015 to tell an artistic career covering over 60 years. Together we chose a simple and essential set-up, with the works delicately lying in the spaces of the former covent, accented by the intimacy of the old walls, the dialogue with nature and the touch of natural light. So that for visitors it was as if they found themselves in a silent painting of the artist.

The exhibition was made of over 100 works, including engravings, paintings and sculptures – as well as early works never displayed before – and was accompanied by a catalogue, still available, gathering literary pages that writers and poets have dedicated to the artist during his long career.






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